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Do you consider yourself being a Casanova? Well see how you will behave, when you encounter with lots of appointments made! Lets make a date; this is an exciting love affair that will check your abilities corresponding to a well-thought plot. Discover a unique gameplay, combining a social simulator, lively conversations in private and funny tests. You bump into someone at the party, go to the cinema together, and invite your flame to lunch And an unexpected visit of your ex- will add spice to your relationships.    Date or Ditch game features:
  • Choose one of four characters to meet face to face with your chosen one under different conditions- from the wildest to the most romantic intimacy.
  • 9 parameters of settings; from your home to luxurious restaurants, trendy bars and romantic beach.
  • Improve your skills of seducing and watch the way the others will react.
  • Various surveys: What kind of lover you are? Are you a really good kisser? And so on.
  • Secret possibilities of seducing, which you can find in the city during the game.
  • The love scale pointing if you are on the right way to the love of all your life.

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