Action Stick java game Free Download
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This game is for fidgets and for those who likes parkour. Teach the drawn man to go through obstacles in a correct way. Oh, no! You fell down on the asphalt! Such things will lead you to the traumatology.
Every new level of this java game has higher and higher obstacles. But there are also some good news: the skills of your character are also getting better. Look, he already shows good results even for limited time. Pay attention to the stopwatch. Oh, he can do different handsprings and rolls! The skills of your character are improved very fast and this brings you lots of pleasure.

Category: Arcade

Download_For__208x208.jar - ( 101.17 KB )
Download_For__240x320.jar - ( 101.38 KB )
Download_For__352x416.jar - ( 101.38 KB )
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