RUSH Road Ultimate Speed Hunt java game Free Download
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Speed is a drug. It is addictive and causes trembling in your hands and once experienced it in reality you want to try again. To feel once again how obediently the gas pedal goes to the floor as the buzz of the heavy-duty engine grows into roaring and the lights of other cars are rushing by remaining far behind.

R.U.S.H. game features:
  • Stunning speed and dynamics of the game
  • Realistic physics of the control, collisions and accidents
  • Vivid cinematic special effects - explosions, blowing up cars and bursts of fire
  • Dynamic 3D environments, snow-covered slopes and deadly night race
  • Ability to place your records in the Internet and compete in the virtual tournaments with other players
  • Musical accompaniment and sound effects, explosions and collisions
  • Simple and clear controls and addictive gameplay
  • System of the hints at low levels of difficulty
  • High performance and optimization for weak 3D phones models
  • Game is available in 9 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, Czech, Spanish, Polish
Speed is never enough. No matter how quickly the road signs pass outside the windows or the road rushes behind the wheels - they do it too slowly and want to accelerate their movement to the endurance limit of metal, carbon and human consciousness.
Speed is fun limiting with self-destruction balancing on the narrow border between the checked maneuver and turning into a whirlwind of debris between the temporary victory and absolute defeat that is unbearable.
Speed is a drug. And like with any drug the dose that is too large can become fatal.

Category: Car

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