Fort Apocalypse java game Free Download
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You are a pilot of elite helicopter who is sent to come to rescue of prisoners of Fort Apocalypse. This is a terrible prison, that is located in deep caves, fortified with shields, lasers, and armored doors.You will have to fly thorough the winding tunnels, looking for secret passageways, activating elevators and fighting with numerous armies of robot guards. This mission will be the most dangerous for the rest of your pilot career!The presence of two career modes - Retro and Deluxe makes the game even more diverse. In Retro mode you will have an opportunity to play the good old game loved by everybody, and in Deluxe mode the game will open before you in a new realization. Lots of levels with different enemies, ingenious traps and useful bonuses are waiting for you in this game.

Category: Arcade

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